is an initiative which aims to enhance access for people in need of affordable housing through the use of mobile phone based technology. 

Lefa Features

1. Connect to Information

Access information about affordable housing oppurtunities  | Human Settlements  News

2. Become a beneficiary

Register you and family as a beneficiary to Social Housing opportunities within nearest city

3. Access Services

Apply for government grant from FLISP and other social programs using mobile device

4. Access local property listing

Receive listing of nearest residential housing Listing that are available in city

5. Start a Stokvel

Start a valid savings groups and save towards your first home or plot using Fintech with your peers

6. Housing Utilities

Every home needs the following conveniently :

  • Buy Airtime 
  • Buy Electricity
  • Pay municipal bill
  • Create a free will using GoodWill

Batho Pele

Find out more about Lefa and view the following presentation via PowerPoint for more information regarding the solution.

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